Treasure The Taste!


 Treasure The Taste!

"Cheesy Chili

French Fries


Todoroff's Original Chili

And Cheddar Cheese"


Our unique Coney Island Chili Sauce has been an irresistible favorite for years. It's the cornerstone of our delicious Coney Islands which we've used through 4 generations in 10 Todoroff's restaurants. It's made with real ground beef (no organ meat, no substitutes, no fillers, no preservatives), real onions (fresh, not dehydrated), and our family's secret spices.

Imitated by many, copied by none, you won't find another Coney Island Chili Sauce with both unbelievable taste and upscale ingredients like this one. We don't cut any corners in our recipe.

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We started in Jackson, Michigan years ago in 1914. Four generations later, Jackson transplants from all over the USA, who return home to see family and friends, stop by Todoroff's Original Coney Island to get their fix and to treasure the unmatched taste of Todoroff's Coney Islands.

Some of our customers even take a dozen frozen Coneys with them on the airline for their flight home. Many customers stock up on our famous frozen Original Chili Sauce for their freezer. Todoroff's Original Chili is available in one–pound frozen containers at all of our restaurants.

As our reputation has grown throughout Michigan and America, so has our recognition. The best selling travel guide "Hunt's Highlights of Michigan", which includes select restaurant entries for each community in Michigan, listed only two restaurants in Jackson:

Todoroff's Original Coney Island  and  Gilbert's Steak House.

The Travel Guide states that

" . . . Jackson loves Coneys and these are considered tops."

Todoroff's Original Coney Island restaurant has been included in every yearly printing.

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We have a few other ideas on the drawing boards. Here is a sampling of just some of them:

Rice Pudding

Richard Todoroff's thick and creamy rice pudding. This rice pudding was a very popular gem at his Todoroff's Original Coney Island restaurant on Ganson Street in Jackson, Michigan. (Richard and Marie Todoroff retired from the restaurant business on August 31, 2002 after forty–four years.) He created the recipe from scratch using only real ingredients, nothing artificial. Real rice, real milk, real sugar, real eggs, and real cinnamon. Serve this creamy rice pudding hot and it nearly melts in your mouth. Todoroff's rice pudding is the perfect way to compliment your lunch or dinner.

Fried Onions

Nothing beats a Coney Island with fresh chopped onions. A Coney Island topped with our sweet Fried Onions comes in a close second.

Spaghetti Sauce

Young newlyweds Kurt and Kathleen Todoroff created their own spaghetti sauce instead of buying it in a jar at the grocery store. Ground beef, ground pork, tomato sauce, tomato paste, a touch of red wine, and their own blend of spices. You'd swear that they are Italian.

Beef Stew

Richard's home made beef stew recipe was a favorite at his Todoroff's Original Coney Island restaurant, and has been a favorite in the Todoroff family for decades. Made with beef chuck, vegetables, and his personal spice formula, this stew is a meal all by itself.

Baked Beans

Richard's home made baked beans recipe has been another favorite in the Todoroff family for decades. While he didn't offer his baked beans to his restaurant customers as his grandfather George did, this family favorite goes great with barbecues, stews, and just plain sandwiches. His bacon flavored beans nearly melt in your mouth. His complement of spices and real fried bacon sets off the beans to make a swirling flavor sensation in your mouth. Richard's baked beans are the perfect food to top off your menu.

Beef Gravy

Richard's beef gravy made from scratch was another favorite at his Todoroff's Original Coney Island restaurant. He cooked a twenty–five pound roast beef, saved the drippings, vegetables, and spices and then used them to make the most zesty gravy you've ever tasted. All of the different flavors come together to tantalize your palate in a wonderful sensation. Besides the obvious uses like roast beef dinners and veal cutlet dinners, our ingenious customers would order Richard's gravy on French Fries, hash browns, even liver and onions. Talk about sensory overload!

Todoroff's Original Chili Spices

Does your adventuresome personality surface when your walk into a kitchen? Try Todoroff's Original Chili spices in your own recipe and make your kitchen and your creations the envy of your friends.


No Organ Meat.   No Preservatives.

Just Great Chili!

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